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17 October 2007 @ 11:17 am
Yes, in case you're wondering if I"m dead, TCP chapter 43 IS done!  Well, mostly. I'm waiting to see if a translator will tran the missing bubbles for me. I've been waiting for awhile, and if the said translator doesn't respond within five days, I'll just post the chapter and be done with it.

Also: In my last release, there was a page that was left out. I'm very sorry about that.

You can download that page here (Until I put it in the release and upload it when I get a faster connection):  Here!

Also, I thought I'd have a little fun and show you two before and after pages.  The old release vs. my release. One page is just a teaser from the upcoming chapter, the other is a before & after page from the page above.

Page 51:



Page 72:


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27 July 2007 @ 04:15 pm
Well, the other group I proofread for has finally made a website and we've begun to translate Kekkaishi.  You can find all the downloads and goodies (including on online reader) Here.

To download, you do have to register, in order to stop needless bandwidth stealing, but it takes only a few seconds, and you can find all our newest releases there, including all the available  raws for download. So enjoy.

As for the new chapter of TCP, it will be out within a week.
12 July 2007 @ 03:59 pm
Just thought I'd make a non-friendlocked note.

Released Tokyo Crazy Paradise volume 8 chapter 41. (First chapter in volume eight).  Read the rules, comment, etc. to get access.  If you don't have a livejournal, and still want access to the release, read the rules and leave a comment with some way to contact you and give you the link, and I'd be glad to oblige.  I'd also be willing to put together a mailing list via e-mail for those who don't have or want to make livejournal and would like to have the links for otherwise friendlocked releases.

Chapter 42 is coming along wonderfully as well.

I'm also working with a group to bring people the Shonen manga Kekkaishi, which is a wonderful manga, and I love it very much as was thrilled to be allowed to work on it. So I'll be posting our releases here as well so other people can enjoy, as long as I get permission from the leader.

And if anyone has any opinions on the chapter 41 typesetting (used two different styles), it'd be great to hear from you.
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08 July 2007 @ 09:59 am
This is just the general post. Please read the rules below. 

As the archive and any posts containing the scanlations are friendlocked, you'll need to be friended to access this journal and its scans.
If you want access to the scans , please read the rules and information in this post, comment and then friend this journal, then wait for me to friend you back.  That will be done in all likelihood the same day you comment and friend. Pretty simple, ne?

If you don't have a livejournal, and don't want to get one, read these rules regardless and post a comment and leave an e-mail address of how to contact you with a direct link to the release.  If you want to join a mailing list to get the updates automatically since you don't have the livejournal to be updated, just ask, and I'll send an updating post when a new release comes out with a direct link.

Again, read the rules. Seriously. You might miss something important if you don't.

Rules and General Info

  • Comments and suggestions are great, so are complaints when correctly and kindly used. Flames are not. Feel free to point out any mistakes I have made--such as typos, or anything that's horribly wrong with the scanlation. Don't be nitpicky about it, but be sensible.  My goal is for this scanlation to be an improvement on the old one's. I hope I succeed.  If not, at least the scans themselves are pretty, unlike the Korean TCP ones.
  • Note: When giving corrections, make the issue of where the mistakes/suggestions/translations clear. Give the page number, and if need be, the panel number and the bubble number. I don't care how you format it as long as it's clear. 
  • On issue of distribution: I think I'm being fair on this, but I ask you to please don't redistribute individual chapter scanlations to any archiving sites, such as the EvilEmpire or #Lurk.  If you want to forward this share a chapter to a friend, that's fine, but keep archiving groups out of this.  Once the individual chapters have been archived into a volume, then the archiving sites can have at it, provided they keep the credit pages intact and unaltered. Prior notice and asking for permission from me would be nice though.
  • For Kekkaishi, distribute however you like.
  • Don't claim these scanlations as your own!
  • Oh, and on another note, if you're reading this, type in "kumicho" in the comment box. This lets me know you've [pretty much] read the rules. If you don't type that in, don't blame me if you're not friended.
  • I'm always in need of translation help.  As you can see, the things that haven't been translated have been left in their original, Japanese form.  The old translator didn't provide them, and not much I can do about it. Even if you don't want to go into it for the long haul, if you know for sure a translation for a otherwise untranslated bubble, SFX, or otherwise, let me know, and I'll correct it immediately.  Notify me if you're interested in helping translate the untranslated pages.
The Scan Archive, My Contact Info, Credits and Thanks,  translation and other helpful notes will be found in friendlocked posts.